A big thank you to everyone that supported Blue Ridge’s first unaffiliated show on December 13, particularly on such a cold day.

We are holding our next unaffiliated show on Sunday, January 17th with team jumping on February 7th, unaffiliated jumping on February 14th and an unaffiliated arena event on February 28.
The results of the show are below:

1st – Kirsty McCulloch on Coda & Katie Maxwell on Girlinda
2nd – Erin Busby on Milo and Courtney Johnstone on Simon

90cm horses
1st – Sarah Dunbar on Nero
2nd – Valerie Ferguson on Lady’s First
3rd – Thia Dodds on Maggie

80cm horses
1st – Katie Maxwell on Girlinda
2nd – Naomi McLay on Aragon
3rd – Alice McLay on Buck
4th – Robin Irvine on Binky
5th – Valeria Ferguson on Lady’s First
6th – Kerry Brown on Frankie

70cm horses
1st – Lindsay Bingham on Adalia
2nd – Brooke Ross on Sahara
3rd – Leila Ferguson on Porthall Billy the Kid
4th – Kerry Brown on Frankie
5th – Courtney Johnstone on Simon
6th – Catriona Umpleby on Dimarco

60cm horses
1st – Louise Sweeney on Apache
2nd – Ruth Johnstone on Merlin
3rd – Louise Docherty on Lucas
4th – Jillian Dailly on Chilli
5th – Sean Malone on Chief
6th – Lauren Richardson on Dynamic Dream

Ponies 80cm
1st – Sophie Butler on Baloo
2nd – Taylor Jenkins in Blessington Silver

Ponies 70cm
1st – Taylor Jenkins on Blessington Silver
2nd – Mhairi McGregor on Dancing Meverick
3rd – Claire Morrison on Carys

Ponies 60cm
1st – Kerry Allan on Miniature Hero
2nd – Erin Forest on Jez
3rd – Sophie Butler on Baloo
4th – Victoria McKigen on Sparks Fly
5th – Victoria McKigen on Georgie
6th – Lana Kemp on Merrie
Ponies 50cm
1st – Kerry Allan on Miniature Hero
2nd – Rebecca French on Ferguson’s Ballet Blue
3rd – Olivia Robertson on Connie
4th – Victoria McKigen in Georgie
5th – Victoria McKigen on Sparks Fly
6th – Dionne Stewart on India Blue